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ANCA Tool Grinders

ANCA Tool Data

Below You Will See A List Of All The Models Of Grinding Machines That ANCA Tool Produces. Each Button / Link Will Guide You To The Current Data On Record For That Model.

Data Needed

  • Makes and Models of Machines
  • Operations, Instructions and Programming
  • Parts Manuals - Equipment Lists
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Alarms and Error Lists
  • Maintenance - Parameters

About ANCA Tool Grinders

In 1974 ANCA was formed by Pat McCluskey and Pat Boland located in Melbourne, Australia. In 1986 Russell Riddiford started Anca USA by opening a branch in Novi, Michigan. Since then ANCA has grown into a worldwide company with branches in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, China, India, Thailand and Brazil. The company is now a world leader in the manufacturing of CNC tool and cutter grinders. ANCA was the first tool and cutter to develop an in-process measuring probe inside of the machine for tool measurement. Many other technologies were developed by this machine manufacturer including CCD cameras, 3D tool simulation, wheel balancing, and tubular linear motors. End mills, step drills, broaches, countersinks, cutters, hog mills, taps, and reamers can all be produced on a ANCA tool and cutter grinder. ANCA’s CNC tool cutter grinders are also a great choice for the production and resharpening of all your HSS and carbide cutting tools. Most of their models can be retrofitted with many different options including: multiple wheels, a wheel changer, part loaders, touch probes, multiple types of filtration, chillers, software packages, scales, steady rest, linear motors and fire suppression. ANCA provides a complete solution to their customers, designing and manufacturing almost all their technology in-house. ANCA tool grinding has the experience and engineering capabilities to develop solutions to meet their customers’ grinding needs. They value the core of their success as their culture, innovation, talent, teamwork, safety and customer focus. Today Anca is a thriving business with over 1,000 employees and a world leading manufacturer of CNC tool grinding machines.

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