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Hyundai Wia Machine Tools

Hyundai Wia Data

Below You Will See A List Of All The Models Of Machines That Hyundai Wia Produces. Each Button / Link Will Guide You To The Current Data On Record For That Model.

Turning Centers

Horizonatal Machining Centers

Vertical Machining Centers

Data Needed

  • Makes and Models of Machines
  • Operations, Instructions and Programming
  • Parts Manuals - Equipment Lists
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Alarms and Error Lists
  • Maintenance - Parameters

About Hyundai Wia Machine Tools

Established in 1976 Hyundai WIA started producing CNC machine tools for the automotive industry. Their philosophy started by developing machinery running in factory automation systems for automotive development and innovation. Hyundai WIA machines are known for their exceptional reliability and quality, as well as for their highly competitive pricing. Today, they produce both quality CNC turning centers and machining centers that focus on the ability of simultaneously machining multiple processes. Expanding their product lines they also manufacture twin & multi axis CNC lathes, vertical & horizontal machining centres, horizontal boring machines, grinding machines and custom purpose machinery. Over the years 140 different machine models have been manufactured and supplied to machine shops across the world. They continue with expansion and research of its factory automation delivering high performance equipment and modern age systems. With a total solution approach they have advanced developments in automation systems, assembly lines, and turn key robotic automated systems. They are now considered to be a global company with offices just not in South Korea but also China, America, Russia and Europe. Not only having a robust product line they offer other services including custom engineering on any scale to please their customers needs. Along with manufacturing machine tools Hyundai WIA also manufactures heavy equipment, defense products and aircraft parts. Hyundai WIA will continue investing in the development of the newest technology in order to produce high precision quality products.

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