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KAAST Machine Tools

About KAAST Machine Tools

In 2009 Kaast Machine Tools was opened in Germany then expanded to the United States in early 2010. Since then they have extended their reach to the United Kingdom and Russian Markets. Most of their chip making CNC machine tools are manufactured in Taiwan and distributed worldwide. KAAST machinery provides one of the most diverse and extensive line-ups of machine tools in the industry. They manufacture many unique product lines including: mills, lathes, grinders, saws, breaks, rolls, presses, waterjets, and EDM’s. KAAST sets itself apart in that they limit the amount of options their machinery is equipped with to just focus on a reliable machine tool for heavy duty production and less service repair. In 2019 Kaast moved their US Headquarters to Aladan, PA in a new 42,500 square foot building. Please visit KAAST CNC Machinery on their webpage for further information on the company and product lines.

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