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Kellenberger Grinders

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About Kellenberger Grinders

Kellenberger is one of the leaders in building CNC universal grinding machines around the world. The grinding company was founded in 1918 by Leonhard Kellenberger locating at St.Gallen, Switzerland For the past 20 years Kellenberger has been represented under the Hardinge group. Kelleberger researches, develops and produces high precision CNC grinders for the industrial machine tool market. Kellenberger makes a multi-purpose grinder for external and internal grinding operations along with medium to large sized work pieces in small lots as well as in volume production. Their design leads to flexibility, precision and cost-effectiveness giving customers an advantage in the grinding process. With their grinding philosophy the machinists are able to obtain extreme accuracy and repeatability. They manufacture a variety of different makes and models offering many options such as multiple wheels, straight or angle plunge, full B-axis, length probes, gauging, and filtration systems. Some of the more popular models that they produce are the: KEL-VARIA: a high quality grinding machine with multiple different wheel heads, constructed for the most rigid requirements KEL-VISTA: A user-friendly CNC grinding machine, with a compact design and economical cost. KEL-UNIVERSAL: a grinding machine equipped with hydrostatic guides and adjustable heights on the wheel head KEL-VERA: A compact CNC cylindrical grinder with hydrostatic guides, customizable various models, and an optional robot loader.

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