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Kitamura Machine Tools

About Kitamura Machine Tools

Kitamura started in 1933 as Kitamura Iron Works Company manufacturing paper pulp machinery. In the 1970’s Kitamura introduced their first line of vertical machining centers, the T-12, T-15 and T-20. In the 1980’s Instead of focusing on a wide variety of machinery Kitamura focused their attention on the CNC machining center market. With their dedication to the machining side of the industry they made huge advancements with 5 axis - automated machining that is reflected today in their popular Supercell and MyCenter series. Kitamura machine tools have produced a product line of horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers that provide machinists with outstanding productivity, accuracy, and reliability for long term performance. Kitamura’s machines build rigid, precise machining centers offering high speed, high accuracy, and extreme cutting capability. Each machine is handcrafted, equipped with multi-step - gear-driven spindles and dual ball screws ensuring extreme accuracy and repeatability. Incorporating Intelligent Advance Control System (IAC) to their machines they are able to monitor heat displacements through sensors allowing overall machine efficiency. Through their innovation and research they have developed over 200 patents in the industrial machining sector. For over 88 years, Kitamura machinery have produced innovative machining centers that meet the requirements of industrial manufacturers worldwide.

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