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Milltronics Machine Tools

Milltronics Data

Below You Will See A List Of All The Models Of Machines That milltronics Produces. Each Button / Link Will Guide You To The Current Data On Record For That Model.

Vertical Machining Centers

Data Needed

  • Makes and Models of Machines
  • Operations, Instructions and Programming
  • Parts Manuals - Equipment Lists
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Alarms and Error Lists
  • Maintenance - Parameters

About Milltronics Machine Tools

Milltronics was founded in 1973 by Gary Welch in Richfield, Minnesota. Gary was an expert engineer at microprocessor-based controls and brought that experience and knowledge with him to his new company. In 1980 they developed the first Centurion control with a full LED screen, tape storage and a RS-232 communication port. Also during this time they introduced FastCam, an offline software for developing digitized molds of their parts on a remote desktop computer. Milltronics made the jump in 1983 manufacturing their first CNC machine tool by creating the Partner I, a CNC Vertical Machining Center. Over the years they researched and adapted new CNC controls for their systems and in 1990 came out with Centurion V the world's first PC-based control with 286 processor and graphics. In 1996 Milltronics saw another expansion as they moved their headquarters to a new plant in Waconia, Minnesota manufacturing a very successful line of machining centers called the VM series and their first line of tool room lathes called the ML series. As the years continued they stayed focused on improving what they started with and in 2002 came out with Centurion 7 the first control system to utilize fiber optics. Hurco Machine tools took the opportunity to purchase Milltronics in the year of 2015. Now after over 40 years you can see over 14,000 Milltronic machines being run in machine shops worldwide. Milltronics sets itself apart from other machine tool manufacturers because most of their machine features are standard and equipped when built. For additional information on Milltronics control systems and machines please visit them on the web.

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