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Mitsubishi Machine Tools

About Mitsubishi Machine Tools

Founded in 1921 Mitsubishi Electric delivers complete solutions for your machine tool systems by producing quality machinery and components (CNCs, PLCs, drive units and motors). Yataro Iwasaki started the first Mitsubishi company in 1870 by creating a shipping firm. This company developed into a gigantic success domininting most trading routes in Asian waters. They then started to shift areas of industry and started investing in mining industries all over the globe. As the company grew they ventured and dominated other markets including divisions for banking, real estate, marketing, paper mills, breweries, plate glass and administration. By the early 1900’s it continued to expand covering automobiles, aircraft, tanks, buses, electrical machinery and home appliances. After WWII the company was eventually split up and became 139 separate companies. It wasn't until after the Korean War did the company dedicate more of its resources to the machine tool business. Through the years of experience there isn't one type of CNC machine tool that Mitsubishi haven't produced. They have produced the largest product lines with a vast array of machinery and electronics in the industrial machine tool market. Today Mitsubishi machine tools offers CNC Drilling - Tapping, Grinding, Milling, Turning, Boring, Gear Hobbers, Robotics, Laser Cutting and EDM Machinery. Because of this efficiency and flexibility, Mitsubishi can lower manufacturing costs by providing reliable, efficient automation solutions. Developing a high speed and high accuracy control, your machining and turning equipment will reward the machinist with efficiency and effectiveness. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing, marketing and selling of industrial electronics and CNC machine tools.

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