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Miyano Machine Tools

About Miyano Machine Tools

Miyano Machinery founded in 1925 based in Japan, first started manufacturing spark wheels for cigarette lighters, It wasn't until 1948 until they developed their first machine tool. As a machine tool builder they develop and produce a variety of products including: CNC drilling and tapping machines, five axis vertical machining centers, automatic lathes, screw machines, swiss lathes, automatic chuckers, CNC turn/mill machines, turning centers and also dual spindle, dual turret turning centers. The machines are built with standards incorporating accurate work pieces, rigidity and durability. Miyano’s multi spindle, multi turret machine tools will reduce cycle times and complete machined work pieces in one chucking. This company sets itself apart from their competitors by manufacturing their machines with hand scraped slideways providing outstanding surface contact. There machines are also built so an operator can adjust the gibs retaining high accuracy throughout the machines life cycle. The addition of double row cylindrical roller bearings that hold radial loads with angular contact ball bearings maintains high precision and a stable rotational accuracy. Their innovative construction methods ensure machining accuracy from longitudinal displacement due to heat creation. Miyano is a worldwide company having establishments in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. The Miyano Machinery Company merged with Citizen machining in 2011 establishing itself as one of the most influential machine tool manufacturers in the world today.

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