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Namkamura Machine Tools

About Namkamura Machine Tools

In 1982 they first developed a CNC machine tool called the Integrated Center. In 1988 TW series was introduced, becoming a favorite amongst the machinery industry. Their machines are known for their high accuracy, reliability, and ease of operation for the machinist. Their main focus and specialty is multi spindle and multi turret turning centers having over 20 different twin spindle configurations in their product lines. Machining can be done simultaneously with upper and lower turrets working on the left & right spindles. The multi tasking turning centers can be configured with a single turret (2 axis), dual turret (4-8 axis), triple turret (9-12 axis), and quadruple turrets with many combinations of milling and Y axis options. Nakamura’s machines are built to run unattended and can be equipped with bar loaders, robots or gantry loading systems. Nakamura-Tome multi spindle, multi turret machine tools will reduce cycle times and complete machined work pieces in one chucking. They offer a variety of features and options, being user-friendly, icon menus, driven controllers, production monitoring, trouble guidance, and operation level control inputs. You see these machines run in general machine shops, automotive production, medical industries, aerospace, and defense companies all over the world. Not only do they produce machine tools but they have also established themselves as a glass processing machine manufacturer, developing and supplying machines for advanced parts used in IT devices, hard discs, optical lenses, optical connectors, and liquid crystal displays. Nakamura Tome is a world leader in the manufacturing of multi tasking industrial machine tools worldwide.

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