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Shigiya Grinders

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About Shigiya Grinders

In 1911 Nakajiro Shigitani opened Oriental Loom Works, later named Shigiya Loom Works manufacturing looms. It wasn't until 1952 that Shigiya first started developing and researching machine tools by the creation of universal and tool grinders. The company officially changed its name in 1960 to Shigiya Machinery Works concentrating all its efforts on cylindrical grinding technologies and machinery. In 1974 they ventured into different concepts with the production of eyeglass lens grinding machines. Today they specialise in many areas of the grining industry including the manufacturing of CNC cylindrical grinders, CNC universal grinders, CNC crank-pin grinders, cam grinders, centerless cylindrical grinders and custom grinders. Their product range has more than 350 models with over 900 options. These grinders can be easily configured for other grinding tasks with various accessories such as in-process gauging, balancing system, contact detection and length positioning. World-class grinding machines can handle virtually any external or internal cylindrical application. With their vast array of product lines, both small and large applications, to high volume manufacturing Shigiya has the required CNC grinder for your specific job. For over 100 years now Shigiya has perfected the CNC grinding market establishing itself as one of the leading CNC grinder manufacturers in the world.

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