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Star Machine Tools

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About Star Machine Tools

Star CNC was formed in 1948 as a subsidiary of Star Micronics Co out of Japan. Since then they have been manufacturing turning machines for the production of small, complex and precise components. Star CNC vast product lines of swiss type automatic lathes will meet all your small, complex and precise metal components machining specifications. A CNC machinist will see faster part processing, high process reliability, simple operations, and energy efficiency. With the development of a sliding headstock technology, combined with a guide bushing Star CNC Swiss lathes are able to eliminate the vibrations and provide the most precise machining within the industry. These machine tools can produce complex turned parts with diameters ranging from .012” to .814” and a turning length up to 30” while holding tight tolerances of ± .0001”. Along with swiss screw machines Star CNC also produces drilling and tap machines, universal milling machines and single spindle screw machines. Star swiss are used in a variety of different products, including medical instruments, aerospace, defense, oil & gas, valves, fasteners, electronics, fiber optics, automobiles, firearms, tools,and many others. Star CNC has become one of the largest Swiss screw machine manufacturers in the world.

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