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Star Cutter Tool Grinders

Star Cutter Tool Data

Below You Will See A List Of All The Models Of Grinding Machines That Star Cutter Tool Produces. Each Button / Link Will Guide You To The Current Data On Record For That Model.

Data Needed

  • Makes and Models of Machines
  • Operations, Instructions and Programming
  • Parts Manuals - Equipment Lists
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Alarms and Error Lists
  • Maintenance - Parameters

About Star Cutter Tool Grinders

Howard B. Lawton and Frank Burgess founded Star Cutter in 1927 focusing on the need for creating custom tooling for the metalworking industry. Started as a young company in Detroit, Michigan their main customers were Chrysler and Chevrolet Gear and Axle. In 1985 Star Cutter developed and manufactured their first CNC tool and cutter grinder called the ATG. This machine became a commercial success promoting Star Cutter as a leader in the CNC grinding industry. Star Cutter originally used Fanuc controllers for its machines but because of the new development of complex custom tooling adapted to a NUM control allowing for more open architecture and programming advantages. These machines are used for cutting a variety of different materials including steel, solid carbide, nodular iron, tubular steel, bronze, cast iron, compacted graphite iron, aluminum and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) materials. Today Star Cutter has emerged as a world leader in the CNC machinery cutting tool industry with over 500 employees in six manufacturing facilities. As a company they focus on 5 different segments of the industry: 5 Axis CNC Tool and Cutter Grinders, carbide cutting tools, carbide blanks and free forms, gun drilling machinery and gear cutting tools. Star Cutter has a presence all over the world having facilities in the United States, China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, India, Europe and Russia. For additional information on Star Cutter CNC tool and cutter grinders please visit them on the web.

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