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Takisawa Machine Tools

About takisawa Machine Tools

Takisawa Machine Tool was founded around 1922 within the Japanese city of Osaka City by two brothers named Shusaku and Hichisaburo Takisawa. After ten years they moved their manufacturing plant to their hometown of Tamashima, Kurashiki City. Started by producing basic drill machinery and lathes in 1946 their focus shifted to manufacturing machinery for the food processing industry. Having done this for ten years in 1950 Takisawa switched back to making metalworking machine tools and later in 1963 started exporting their machinery to the United States. During this time they grew rapidly and needed a new plant establishing their new headquarters, the Okayama Plant in Kibi-cho. In 1971 they established a relationship with Taiwan to produce some of their equipment, rebranding the company as Taiwan Takisawa Machinery Company. Now in 1989 they expanded again by acquiring the assets of Rockwell Machine Tools in the United Kingdom establishing a commitment to the country. Early 2000’s saw some changes within the company acquiring and selling off many machine tool assets, one of them being the purchase of Cascade Inc. Finally in 2010 they made a major move by performing a joint merger with Miyano Machinery Company. Today Takisawa Machine Tool Company produces and sells CNC machinery worldwide by having relationships with the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. Over the years Takisawa has produced many different machine tools to the world market including precision Single and twin spindle CNC turning cells, automation machining systems, gantry loading systems, piston turning machines, multi-tasking and multi spindle CNC turning machines, Vertical Lathes (VTL), and CNC milling machine tools. For more information on the history of the company and their current line of CNC machinery please visit them of the web.

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