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Tornos Machine Tools

About Tornos Machine Tools

Tornosted in 1914, Tornos has been a leader in the production of Swiss automatic lathes and multi spindle machine tools. Tornos machine tools can turn simple or highly complex parts, in large or small volumes, guaranteed to meet your needs! Their machines are some of the leaders in the automotive, micromechanics, electronics, and medical & dental industries. They produce single spindle sliding headstock turning machines for any workpiece under 36mm, multi spindle machines for workpieces under 32mm, CNC high precision machining centers and micro milling machines. Their multi spindle machines can be equipped with up to 8 spindles. Their software in the control is always being adapted for faster processing times, enabling programmers to communicate and manage the machines remotely, and touch screen user interfaces. Over the years they have continued to grow with having representation in over 80 different countries. Because of their six core values: agility, open-mindedness, daring reliability, sharing, appreciate and enhance they are able to be one of the largest CNC machine tool manufacturers in the world.

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