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Tsugami Machine Tools

About Tsugami Machine Tools

In 1923 Tsugami started in business by producing block gauges out of Tokyo, Japan. It wasn't until 1946 when they started making machine tools by the research, development and production of grinding machines, thread rolling machines and sewing machines. A turning point in Tsugami happened in 1957 when they developed (what they are known for today) an automatic lathe type turning center with their model T7. Tsugami have established themselves around the world by manufacturing CNC lathes, turning centers, cylindrical grinders and CNC milling machines known for their machining and positioning accuracy, flexible designs, high speed spindles, exacting construction methods, and reliability. They specialize in machining technology for creating small parts producing CNC swiss type lathes and turning centers in addition to these other product lines: gang tool lathes, gang/turret lathes, multi tasking machines, vertical and horizontal CNC milling machines. Their automatic swiss lathes can be equipped with many different options (Back work spindle, cross drilling milling facility, C axis, automatic programming system, Y-axis control and B-axis indexing) completing machining performed in one chucking by a single machine. Their machines are used in many different aspects of manufacturing industries including office automation (OA), automotive, medical equipment, digital camera, cellular phone, and optical communications. Tsugami continues to innovate and be a leader at producing rigid, accurate, advanced CNC machinery for the metal working industry worldwide.

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