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Walter Tool Grinders

About Walter Tool Grinders

Since their incorporation in 1919 Walter have been producing world-class tool grinders for production and re-sharpening. Their machine tools can handle complex tool geometries allowing heavy cutting and the ability to re-sharpen tools. The grinding tool and cutters are designed for high rigidity which guarantees high precision parts. Either an entry level model to high-end advanced machine tools Walter provides cutting edge technology to the tool grinding machine market. Products range from general purpose to micro tool grinders to complex multi functional grinders. With Walter simultaneously movable multi axes of the table and wheels allow the machine to cut multiple tool geometries. End mills, step drills, countersinks, taps, cutters, broaches, hog mills and reamers can all be produced on a Walter tool and cutter grinder. Most of their models can be retrofitted with many different options including multiple wheels, a wheel changer, part loaders, touch probes, multiple types of filtration, chillers, software packages, scales, steady rest, linear motors and fire suppression. A vast array of software packages can be installed in the control aiding in tool development. With their advancements in software it allows a machinist to see the tool in true 3D simulations. This company doesn't just limit itself to tool production. Their diamond series was introduced for Erosion of PCD inserted tooling. They also produce a line of non-contact measurement machines, When measuring machines are required, the Walter grinder line delivers. Through advanced technology and innovation Walter is one of the world leaders in tool grinding technology.

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