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Yama Seiki Machine Tools

About Yama Seiki Machine Tools

Founded in 2000, Yama Seiki USA partnered with two existing companies, The Goodway Machine Tool Group and Awea Mechantronic Company. Goodway Machine tool group has specialized in building and manufacturing CNC turning centers since 1975. In 1986 Awea Mechantronic started producing a vast line of milling centers including horizontal, vertical and universal mills. Because of this merger Yama Seiki became a global leader in the manufacturing of CNC Machine Tools. Yama Seiki success comes from its sourcing of Japanese components including their machine’s control, servo and spindle motors, curvic couplings, and bearings, just to name a few. They rely on both Mitsui Seiki and Toshiba CNC Machine tools to produce the castings of each machine. Yama Seiki is a leader in the industry with their fully automated loading systems and multi tasking machines saving on cost and cycle times. They have the ability to build you a machine that not only provides more power and faster speeds but also better accuracy on your machined part. Yama Seiki is located in Chino, California where you can see their latest product lines and shop for spare parts. Globally, Yama Seiki produces over three thousand CNC turning and machining centers annually. Yama Seiki is the ultimate source for your turning and milling needs. Yama Seiki USA unites the Goodway and Awea products together to form one of the most extensive machine tool lines the market has to offer, and is dedicated to serve the North American market.

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