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Selling a Machining Center ?

About CNC Machining Centers

A machining center is a CNC machine tool with versatility and flexibility in regards to removing unwanted materials from a manufactured machined part. These machines come in two categories: Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) and Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC). The difference between these two machines is the positioning of the spindle. With vertical machining centers the spindle moves down from on top cutting across the part, while a horizontal machining center’s spindle comes from a linear side position milling across the table. Another difference is that more than often the vertical machining center will have a fixed positioned table while a horizontal machining center obtains the ability to rotate the table at a given index. Milling, drilling, boring, and tapping can be performed on these machine tools. Both machines usually consist of one spindle that can be equipped with different types of cutting tools located in the machine’s tool changer. In addition both machines operate in a square workspace consisting of a X-Axis, Y-Axis and Z-Axis. A 4th axis can be added with a rotary table and a 5th axis can be added by the use of a tilting trunnion table ( A-axis, C-Axis). The spindles can range in speed (RPM) depending on the size of cut and material being milled. Higher rate spindles are called high speed machining. With the vertical machine being a bit more simplistic compared to a horizontal, you see a much smaller footprint and price. Milling from a horizontal approach gives you more options and geometries to work with. A machining center can be considered universal when you are able to tilt the spindle at an angle with the ability to create complexity geometres to your manufactured part. Because of these machines versatility they can come with a wide range of options: 4 or 5 Axes, high pressure coolant, coolant thru spindle, chip conveyor, pallet changer, tool changer, tool break detection, ethernet, linear guideways, tool probe, glass scales, chillers, rigid tapping and threading.

Brands of Machining Centers

  • Mazak
  • DMG - Mori
  • Haas
  • Okuma
  • Toyoda
  • Doosan
  • Makino
  • Kitamura
  • Chiron
  • Fadal
  • Bridgeport
  • Fanuc
  • Matsuura
  • Toshiba
  • Mikron
  • Mitsubishi